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How to Manage Your Connected Accounts
How to Manage Your Connected Accounts

Why does it ask me to sign into my social media account when I want to start an Account Tracker?

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In order to start an Account Tracker, you will be asked to sign into that specific platforms account (Note: this does not have to be the actual account you are trying to track, it can even be your personal account - it's just providing us with a token). By authenticating your accounts, you provide Keyhole with tokens that allow us to collect more accurate data from the different platforms. We won't post through your account or share your data with other Keyhole users.

To add your accounts to Keyhole, follow these steps.

1. Go to Settings located on your top right corner, under your username:

2. Go to 'Manage Connected Accounts'

Add all applicable accounts that you use to collect data from. Multiple accounts can be added for each platform. 

All accounts are removable at any time. 

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