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Account Watchlist: Influencer Authentication
Account Watchlist: Influencer Authentication

Step-by-step guide on how influencers can authenticate their social media accounts with Keyhole.

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Authenticating your social media accounts with Keyhole will only be used to access in-depth metrics such as follower insights, stories, engagement rate, etc. Rest assured that we adhere to the privacy policies of all social media platforms to ensure secure data collection practices.

Your account authentication will not be used by Keyhole to:

  • Modify any account details, including posts, settings or follower lists;

  • Access your account or any direct messages;

  • Interact with any posts or stories on your accounts' behalf; or

  • Remove, edit or add to your followers.

Authentication Process

1.) An invitation email will be sent to the email address you provided. To start the authentication process with Keyhole, just click the 'Go to Authentication' button.

2.) Simply login to each social media account added to Keyhole - you will automatically receive a confirmation of successful authentication after logging in.

Dont forget:

Authentication Demo

Happy tracking!

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