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How to Invite and Manage Your Influencers
How to Invite and Manage Your Influencers

Why do I not see my influencer under 'Influencers' tab?

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To collect in-depth data about your influencers and measure their impact in your campaigns, you can ask them for permission to track their accounts on Keyhole.

When an influencer grants you permission by authenticating (logging into) their accounts, it allows Keyhole to collect insights from their account that we would not have access to otherwise. This allows you to gain more accurate insights for the Influencers you work with. 

Asking  Influencers to give you permission is simple, just follow the instructions below.

  1. On your top navigation bar, select ‘Listening and Campaigns’ then choose Account Watchlist (formerly known as Influencer Management).

2. Click the 'Authenticate' button

a) You can send the link provided to your influencers. Once they click on the link, they will be asked to log in to their social media accounts. 

b) You can send an email through Keyhole inviting them to authenticate by simply uploading a CSV of all your influencers’ names and emails. 

3. Once the accounts have been authenticated, they will display in the 'Authenticated' section for you to manage. Also, the information related to the influencer will show up under your hashtag tracker, such as reach and impression.

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