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Discover the performance of your brand, influencers or competitors.
Discover the performance of your brand, influencers or competitors.

Social Media Account Analytics > Add New Tracker

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Instantly discover the performance of your brand, influencers or competitors, as well as, how best to optimize for the best engagement moving forward through our Optimization subpage. Create your social media account trackers now and access a year's worth of data for your accounts.

See what’s possible:

Let us guide you through on how to best optimize your posts moving forward by watching this video.

All set up? Now it’s time to authenticate:

Authenticating your trackers gives you an advantage when doing brand monitoring. Authenticated trackers provide you with:

  • Further insights such as Reach, Impressions and Engagement Rate

  • Mentions of your account.

  • Stories data (Instagram business accounts only)

  • Follower Insights

In order to authenticate your trackers, you will need to have the login credentials of the account you are trying to authenticate.

Working with Influencers?

Compare how the performance of your influencers with our Comparison feature. Watch this to guide you on how to create a quick comparison.

Bonus Tip: If you would like to track from Facebook within your Social Listening Campaign. You will need to come into your Social Media Account Analytics section and create a tracker from any public facebook page that you’d like to collect the posts from.

Happy Tracking!

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