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How to Authenticate a TikTok Account
How to Authenticate a TikTok Account

Want to be able to authenticate and track a specific TikTok Account? Here is what you do...

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Authenticating your TikTok account cannot be easier! Here we'll show you a Step by Step Guide on how to do it:

Step 1:

You can add the account on Profile Analytics:

Step 2

Please click go to your account and click on "Authenticate":

Step 3

After this, you can log into the account using the TikTok Token:

Note: By using Tokens you access your account directly from TikTok and Keyhole will not keep or save your credentials.

Step 4

Please read the description and click on authorize:

And done! Your account is now authenticated!

Note: Please note that TikTok tracking is only available within our Enterprise Plans

Happy Tracking!!

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