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How to Authenticate an Instagram Business Account.
How to Authenticate an Instagram Business Account.

Having trouble authenticating a specific IG Business account? Here is what you do...

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First things first, authenticating Instagram business accounts can be tricky.

Before we start the authentication flow please check that you have gone through and checked steps 1, 2 and 3 below. If you have already checked the below 3 steps then please proceed to step 4 to begin the authentication flow.

Please follow the steps below:

Having trouble authenticating? Click here to see our most common blockers and how to fix them.

Step 1: Confirm that your account is an Instagram business account.

Go into your instagram profile and click 'Edit Profile'. Here you will be able to see 'Public Business Information'. This shows that the account is a business account as well as the Facebook page that is linked to the account.

If the account is not a business account then follow the steps on this page to swap your account from personal to professional/business.

Step 2: Check your Instagram account is connected to the correct Facebook page.

**It's best to do these steps on a desktop rather than mobile.**

Go into the Facebook account that's linked to the Instagram business account.

  1. Under "Manage Page and Profiles" scroll to the bottom and click "Settings"

  2. Under "Page Settings" scroll down and click "Instagram"

  3. Click on "Connect Account" button.

4. Login using the details for the Instagram Business Account you'd like to authenticate.

5. Once you have connected the page on Facebook will change to show 'Instagram account details' which confirms the page has been connected.

Step 3: Check what role you have on the Facebook page you have linked to your Instagram business account.

In order for you to be able to successfully authenticate the Instagram business account, your role on the Facebook page needs to be Admin. To check what role you have simply click into;

  1. Click into Settings > Pages > Select Page > Page Settings (bottom of page)

  2. Click into 'Page roles'

  3. Ensure under 'Existing Page Roles' your role on the page is 'Admin'

If your role is not 'Admin' then please contact the admin of the account to provide you with access.

Step 4: Still with us? GREAT. It's time to authenticate the account using the link in Keyhole.

To Authenticate your account. Click on the 'invite to authenticate' link within your Account Watchlist (formerly known as Influencer Management ) section of the platform. Once clicked, this page will open. Click on the 'Log In with Instagram Business' button.

From there you will be directed to log in to the Facebook account that holds the Facebook page that is linked to your Instagram business page (step 2 above). Once logged in, this screenshot will appear. Click 'Continue as [Account Name]' button.

Then click on the Instagram Business Account that you wish to authenticate with Keyhole > Next

The next screen is where you select the Facebook Page that you have linked to the Instagram business account (step 2 above) > Next

Following that you will need to ensure that all of the options shown on this screen are toggled over to 'YES'. Once confirmed, click 'Done'.

The last step once you have gone through all of the previous steps is to click 'OK' on this screen.

Finally, if you have followed all of the steps above, you will be directed back to Keyhole where you see this screen showing the successful authentication. YAY!

Followed all of the steps and still not working?? If you're unsure about anything mentioned in this article, please send an e-mail to [email protected] and provide as much information as you can as to where you’re getting stuck with the above steps so we can better assist you.

Happy Tracking!

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