Publishing accounts require additional permission that allows Keyhole to publish posts from those accounts.

Publishing Account

A Publishing Account is a social media account where the owner has granted permission for Keyhole to publish posts on their behalf.

Social media accounts that have been added to Keyhole Publishing either through the Connect New Account or Add Existing Account tabs are considered Publishing accounts.

Wondering how to connect a Publishing account? We've got you covered!

Connected Account

A Connected Account is a social media account added to Keyhole through the Manage Connected Accounts page in your settings.

When you add a Connected Account to Keyhole, you are allowing us to fetch deeper insights for those accounts. Previously connected accounts will appear under the Add Existing Account tab where you can choose if you would like to add your Connected Account into Publishing. We cannot publish posts to accounts that haven't been added to Publishing.

For help with changing your Connected Account into a Publishing account, click here

.Happy Publishing!

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