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How do I connect a Publishing account?
How do I connect a Publishing account?
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There are 2 different ways you can connect a Publishing account to Keyhole:

1. Use Existing Authenticated Account

Already have an authenticated profile? Keyhole will automatically add the accounts with Publishing permissions enabled to the Publishing section.

Simply click the accounts you'd like to publish on and create your content!

Why does my account say "Re-authenticate"?

If you're wondering why the button says Reauthenticate to add , it's because these accounts were previously added to Keyhole without the publishing permission. You'll need to re-authenticate the account and agree to the publishing permissions.

When the button turns green, you're good to go! πŸŽ‰

2. Connect New Account

Use this option if you are adding a Publishing Account to Keyhole that has never been added in Settings > Manage Connected Accounts.

First things first, open the green + sign > +Add New Profile > log in with [platform]

Note: To connect LinkedIn pages with Keyhole, it is a requirement to be designated the 'Super Admin' role; otherwise, you won't be able to proceed.

Once you've selected the log in option for the platform of your choice, just follow the prompts. Let's go with Facebook:

Once you've added the pages you want to use with Keyhole Publishing, make sure ALL options are toggled to YES:

Click Done and voila, you're in! ✨

Here's a full demo that you can use as your guide.

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