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See the impact your influencers have on your campaign
See the impact your influencers have on your campaign

No more guessing. Prove your influencers impact with data.

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At this point you’re an expert at using Account Watchlist to stay on top of your influencers activity. But did you know that you can see their impact directly within your campaign trackers?

How can I set this up?

It’s already done for you 😊

When you add an account into Account Watchlist, we will automatically sort their information into your relevant campaign trackers. Ever notice the “My Influencer’ sub-tracker under your campaign tracker? This will only display posts made by your influencers within your public campaign trackers so that you can clearly see the impact your influencers are making within your campaign. Say goodbye to manual work!

OK, now what?

The “My Influencer’ sub-tracker can be found on all pages of your campaign tracker so that you can filter the information that is relevant to your KPIs.

Anything else I should know about?

If your influencers authenticate, you can get even more information across Keyhole. This includes;

  • Instagram Stories

  • Follower Insights

  • Mentions

  • Accurate reach, impressions and engagement rate data

You now have what you need, so let’s see how your influencers are doing!

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