If running campaign that includes influencers, quickly be able to see their impact in comparison to the general public

So at this point you’re an expert at using Influencer Management to stay on top of your influencers activity.

Sub-trackers can be used to filter down the data from your campaign trackers. You can use sub-trackers to organize the data you have collected into smaller trackers in order to see how different topics are performing within the larger campaign.

The ‘My Influencer’ sub-tracker is automatically added to any hashtag tracker upon set up. If selected it will show all posts made by any influencer added under your Influencer Management Platform that uses your search terms.

When you add an account into Influencer Management, we will automatically sort their information into your relevant campaign trackers. Ever notice the “My Influencer’ sub-tracker under your campaign tracker? This will only display posts made by your influencers within your public campaign trackers so that you can clearly see the impact your influencers are making within your campaign. Say goodbye to manual work!

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