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Determine the ROI of your Influencers using Tags
Determine the ROI of your Influencers using Tags

Need to group your influencers into different segments? No problem, let's assign a tag for each group of influencers.

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One effective strategy to gaining a better understanding of campaign influencers is through the use of tags in the Account Watchlist feature. This enables you to assess the impact and efficacy of each influencer when it comes to promoting social media campaigns.

It's really quick and easy. All you have to do is: 

Go into Listening & Campaigns > click the Account Watchlist subsection. From there you will see the list of all influencers then simply click on the checkbox on the left to select the influencer(s) you’d like to group together.

*To create a new tag, click the 'Add Tag' button > type in the desired name and click "Create". (Note: You can add influencers to multiple lists.)

After assigning tag to all groups of influencers, you can then filter the performance of your influencers in any of your campaigns.

Happy Tracking!

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