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Keep your team in the know with email updates.
Keep your team in the know with email updates.

Tracker Settings > Sharing > Weekly Reports

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Keep your team in the know about a tracker with email updates!

Are you constantly updating your team and clients about how a tracker is performing?

Let Keyhole save you some time by automatically sending email updates directly to them. Email updates are not limited to just the owner of the account. Add your team or clients and set the frequency of the emails so that everyone can stay up to date with any campaign performance changes.

Note: The end-user does not have to have a Keyhole account in order to receive these reports.

Quick tip! Have multiple people working out of your Keyhole account?

Keyhole automatically assigns the account owner to receive all email updates. To avoid flooding one team member’s inbox, check that your tracker updates are being sent to the appropriate team members and set the frequency of your email updates so that they can stay up to date on the trackers that matter to them.

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Wondering how to change the name of your tracker before sharing it?

Tracker Settings > Sharing > Custom Tracker URL

Head over to your tracker settings and scroll down to ‘Sharing’ where you will find ‘Custom Tracker URL’. Here you can customize the tracker name which will appear on your reports and when you share your tracker via URL. If you got too creative with the name *regret*, don’t worry you can change it at any time.

Happy Tracking!

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