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Listening & Campaigns: Email & Intelligent Notifications
Listening & Campaigns: Email & Intelligent Notifications

Listening & Campaigns > Notification Settings > Intelligent Notifications

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Written by Kristina Jakeman
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Give yourself a break and remove the worry of missing a spike in your trackers activity.

Keyhole is proud to present....Intelligent Notifications!!!

How does this benefit me?

  • Get ahead of any bad PR. Receive a notification when a post is collected with negative sentiment and respond to users in real-time.

  • Understand when there’s been a sudden spike in activity on your tracker and why this may have happened.

  • Look good to your boss. Know in real-time when your campaign is trending and what caused it.

  • Stay up to date on your campaign without actually having to monitor it 24/7.

  • Interact with influential users posting about your campaign. Set up your tracker to notify you when a user with at least 5,000 followers mentions your search terms.

Find me in the Notification Settings section of your tracker (keep scrolling ….there I am).

Watch me to see how to set this up.

Happy tracking!

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