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Customize your reports with your own brand label.
Customize your reports with your own brand label.

Settings > White Label

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Looking for a way to make your reports more on-brand? Look no further, white-labeling is available within Keyhole.

Use our white-labeling feature to change the branding, colours, and logos displayed on your Keyhole tracker dashboards by following the steps below (available for Enterprise users).

✅ Branded dashboards to share with your clients

✅ Remove Keyhole branding (no one has to know your secret 🤫)

✅ Send your boss a report with your brands labelling

How do I start custom labelling?

  1. Go to 'Settings'.

  2. Go to 'White-Label Branding'

3. Customize 'Brand Settings' with your brand logos and colours.

For Example:

What does a report look like?

Check it out here!

Happy Tracking!

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