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Customize your reports with your own brand label.
Customize your reports with your own brand label.

Settings > White Label

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Looking for a way to make your reports more on-brand? Look no further, white-labeling is available within Keyhole.

Use our white-labeling feature to change the branding, colours, and logos displayed on your Keyhole tracker dashboards by following the steps below (available for Enterprise users).

βœ… Branded dashboards to share with your clients

βœ… Remove Keyhole branding (no one has to know your secret 🀫)

βœ… Send your boss a report with your brands labelling

How do I start custom labelling?

  1. Go to 'Settings'.

  2. Go to 'White-Label Branding'

3. Customize 'Brand Settings' with your brand logos and colours.

For Example:

What does a report look like?

Check it out here!

Happy Tracking!

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