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Listen to how users are reacting to your campaign in real-time.
Listen to how users are reacting to your campaign in real-time.

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How is the campaign performing? What are people saying? How are people responding to the content? Are there any complaints? What can we do to change the narrative? - Do these questions look familiar?

Show your boss you know exactly what’s being said about your campaign. Head over to our Sentiment tab now! Here you’ll get a quick and efficient understanding of how your brand or campaign is being received and what changes to your PR strategies can be made moving forward.

Why would this be helpful?

  • Understand your audience - Provide results around what your users care about to better assist current and future campaigns.

  • Adapt your PR strategies in real-time - Share with your team which hashtags are impacting your campaign negatively and positively.

  • Improve your sentiment score - Actively edit the sentiment of your existing posts to provide more accurate results with those keywords and any posts using those moving forwards.

  • Save yourself time ensuring your sentiment score is accurate - Add in any positive, neutral or negative keywords prior to the campaign to ensure your posts are accurately represented in real-time.

Happy Tracking!

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