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How can I add my Influencers to a list in Keyhole?
How can I add my Influencers to a list in Keyhole?

Need to group your influencers into different segments? No problem, let's add them to a list.

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Add your influencers to a list within Account Watchlist (formerly known as Influencer Management) to understand who is working for what campaign.

It's really quick and easy. All you have to do is: 

Go into Listening & Campaigns>Accounts Watchlist and click on the checkbox on the left to select the influencer(s) you’d like to group together. Click on 'Add to List' and add them to an existing list or start typing a title to create a new list.

Add them to an existing list OR in the search bar type in a new list title and click "create"

Once your list has been set up, you can then filter by your list name so that you can quickly see who belongs to which list. 

Simply Click the 'FILTER BY LIST' dropdown and click on the list. The page will reload and show you all influencers associated with the list you selected.

Note: You can add influencers to multiple lists

Happy Tracking!

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