You can now, tag, sort and filter posts in your tracker to keep the relevant data accessible and your reports clean.

How do I start tagging?

Head over to the post page of one of your campaign trackers and:

  1. Select the post(s) you would like to tag

  2. Create a tag or add an existing tag

How do I filter posts by tags?

Separate the data within your tracker by selecting which tags you would like to display. If you select multiple tags you will have the ability to filter by ANY or ALL selected tags.

When your tracker collects hundreds of posts, this is a great way to see the most relevant posts without the digging

To top it all off, you can now also download and filter your campaign report by tag. Creating reports has never been easier!

Note: *coming very soon* Filter reports by your Influencer Management Tags.

Keep your eyes peeled for the ability to filter your reports by Influencer tags.

Happy Tagging!

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