If you own a Keyhole account:

Step 1: Click on the 'Get Historical Data' located on your top under 'Hashtag and Keyword Tracking':

Step 2: Key in the details you would like to track & Get Estimate:

Note 1: We use a boolean search, so make sure your search terms are formatted correctly - you can check out our tool tip for help! If you want multiple keywords you can plug them in here, but please note that you will only receive one report. 

Note 2: We are not able to track historical data from Facebook and Instagram due to its latest API policy.

Step 3: Make a payment

Note 3: If you have historical data access or have an Enterprise Historical plan, you can use your available post quota towards the historical backfill rather than paying for it.

E.g. If you have 25,000 posts available for the month, you can put your 25,000 posts towards historical data and we can fetch up to 25,000 historical posts for your account.

Video example:

If you do not own a Keyhole account:

Visit this page and select 'Start Free Trial to Get Estimate'. After you have created an account, you will be able to order a historical report through your account. 

Contact us if your account has expired. 

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