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What were people saying before your campaign started?
What were people saying before your campaign started?
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You did it! You survived Monday. And what better reward than a brand new Key Tip!

What is Historical Data and do I need it?

Keyhole specializes in real-time tracking, which means from the day you set up a tracker we collect data moving forward. If you require any data that was posted prior to the day you set up your tracker then that is deemed as Historical Data and is available separately if needed.

What data is included in a Historical Report?

Historical reports include all posts shared publicly on Twitter during the specified date range (up to 2010). The minimum charge for a historical report is $250 USD and increases based on the volume of posts collected within your specified date range.

Note: Facebook and Instagram do not provide historical data through their API’s.

Once Completed, your report exists as two things:

  1. Presented in your existing tracker dashboard, as well as a detailed Excel report similar to this sample file.

  2. As a stand alone report, that contains only the historical data and will not track real-time posts moving forward.


Watch the video below to guide you how to apply for your Historical Report today!

Happy Tracking!

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