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Twitter Historical Data Reports

What is included in your one-time Twitter Historical Data Report.

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Historical reports include all posts shared publicly on Twitter during specified date range. You can request a historical report for Twitter data without an active Keyhole subscription.

What's included in a Historical Data Report?

Keyhole’s historical data reports are delivered within 1 business day and contain all the numbers you need to see, including total posts, users, impressions and influencers.

  • Timeline of Total number of posts, reach, and impressions per hour

  • Top posts matching your search terms

  • Top influencers who shared posts matching your terms

  • Most linked-to domains and URLs in these posts

  • Top countries people tweeted from

Historical reports don't include posts shared privately, or posts where the hashtag isn't in the original post (i.e., if it's in the comments, if it's added to the post later, etc).

The data is delivered within one business day in a PDF (same format as our social listening trackers), as well as a detailed Excel report similar to this sample file.

Your Historical Data Report is a stand alone report, and will not track real-time posts moving forward.

How much does a Historical Data Report cost?

An automatic quote and processing time will be generated before confirming payment. Historical data requests are a one-time cost that is liable for a single report.

The price of a Historical Report starts at $50 USD and depends on the number of historical tweet ids your search will query.

Historical Data reports cannot be refunded.

You can request and pay for a one-time historical Twitter report here.

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