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Does Keyhole provide Sentiment Analysis?
Does Keyhole provide Sentiment Analysis?
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Overview of the Sentiment feature

Overall Sentiment Percentage

Keyhole provides a sentiment analysis on the Dashboard of your Hashtag & Keyword tracker. It will look like the screenshot below.

The sentiment score is calculated by positive and negative posts only.

Score = Positive / (Positive + Negative)

Filter by Sentiment

Sentiment can be filtered based on posts in the Posts tab, which will look like the screenshot below. Select or deselect emojis to filter posts with the corresponding emoji.

Edit Sentiment

On the 'Posts' tab, click on the pen and box button (as seen below) on the right hand side of the post you would like to edit the sentiment of. You can change each posts sentiment to any emoji shown in the "Filter by Sentiment" section.

Our Machine Learning algorithm for Sentiment is still learning to detect sarcasm and industry-specific sentiment.

For example, if you’re a skating brand, posts from people that think your product is “sick” are positive. If you’re a medical company, posts about your customers being “sick” are negative.

Therefore, we have given you the ability to edit post sentiment through the 'Posts' portal.

Other Languages

If you do have a specific word in mind that is negative/ positive, you can add that to the list under 'Sentiment' tab too:

Note: Please note that Sentiment Analysis is only available on Listening & Campaigns; it's currently not available on the Profile Analytics side.

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