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How is engagement calculated in social listening?
How is engagement calculated in social listening?
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Social media engagement measures how actively people interact with your posts or page. The specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for engagement can vary by platform and are influenced by whether your accounts are authenticated with Keyhole, which can impact the visibility and, in turn, the performance of your content.

Below is the breakdown:

Twitter: Retweets + Likes

Instagram Business: Likes + Comments

Update: Starting January 19, 2024, the revised formula for computing "Engagements" on authenticated Instagram profiles involves aggregating Likes, Shares, Comments, and Saves. The tracking of Shares tarts from the day you added your profile to Keyhole. Due to limitations in Meta's API, the ability to track the number of Shares is applicable to most countries, excluding Japan and European countries.

Facebook:  Likes + Comments + Shares

TikTok: Likes + Comments + Shares

YouTube: Likes + Comments

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