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TikTok Social Listening & Profile Analytics
TikTok Social Listening & Profile Analytics

Discover how Keyhole monitors TikTok in both Listening & Campaigns and Profile Analytics.

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In Keyhole, there are two ways to collect TikTok data:

  1. Keyword or Hashtag Social Listening: Collect public data from TikTok using specified queries (this feature is currently in Beta)

  2. TikTok Account Analytics: Collect data from any public TikTok account

Beta Feature: Keyword or Hashtag Social Listening

Within Keyhole's Listening & Campaigns, you can track a keyword, hashtag, or phase and collect data from specified and unspecified TikTok accounts. To collect data, make sure the TikTok option is selected in your Tracker Settings.

When tracking a hashtag or keyword on TikTok with Keyhole, you can obtain valuable data to analyze your content's performance and audience engagement. Here's the essential data you can gather:

  1. Mentions & Hashtags: Number of times your tracked hashtag has been used or mentioned in posts.

  2. Number of Likes: Total number of likes that posts with your tracked hashtag have received.

  3. Number of Comments: Total number of comments made on the posts using your tracked hashtag.

  4. Number of Views: Number of times posts with your tracked hashtag have been viewed.

  5. Number of Shares: Number of times posts with your tracked hashtag have been shared.

  6. Post Details: Title, description, and URL of each post that uses your tracked hashtag.

After saving, the tracker will automatically load historical TikTok posts that use your query.

Keyhole can backfill up to two weeks' worth of posts. Afterward, posts will be added in real-time (a few hours after they have been published on TikTok).

πŸ’‘ Keep in mind that due to TikTok social listening being in Beta, data is updated a couple of times in 24 hours, and some posts might be parsed sometime after publication, which could be the next day up to a week.

What type of posts will I receive in Keyhole from TikTok?

There are two ways to see posts from TikTok: Through specified/known Creators and un-specified/broad social listening.

Specified Creators

If you want to collect posts from a specific influencer or TikTok page, please add the handles of the Creator in Account Watchlist or Profile Analytics. Learn more about how to specify accounts.

After adding your accounts, Keyhole will automatically look for posts from those creators every time you create a tracker.

Un-specified Creators

If you do not specify the Creators from whom you want to collect posts, Keyhole will automatically look for any influencer posting with your query on TikTok.

There are a few parameters around un-specified creators, which we will dive into below.

Un-specified Creator Listening

Due to TikTok's data restrictions, there are a few parameters in place regarding Keyhole's Beta broad TikTok social listening. You will receive posts from Creators that match the following criteria:

  • The Creator must have an engaged following (size of the follower base is not taken into consideration)

  • Followers must engage with the post on a consistent basis

  • Viewers have a consistent watch time

Once a post has been collected, it will appear in your tracker, and the metrics associated with it will be updated multiple times per day.

Here are some commonly asked questions:

Will I be able to get historical data for TikTok posts, and if so, how far back can Keyhole access the data?

Keyhole is able to access up to 6 months' worth of historical data on TikTok.

Will I discover new Creators talking about my query?

Yes! Head to Keyhole's Influencer section to see more details about the Creators posting about your searched keywords.

πŸ’‘Note: Due to TikTok restrictions, Keyhole cannot populate the number of Followers, Impressions, or Exposure unless the account has been added to the Account Watchlist.

Will I receive all conversations happening on TikTok using my tracked keywords?

You will receive posts from influencers on TikTok. As mentioned above, the posts pulled into your tracker are coming from Creators with an engaged follower base and consistent video watch time.

TikTok Profile Analytics

Keyhole offers brand monitoring of TikTok accounts in Profile Analytics.

Profile Analytics trackers allow you to monitor a public TikTok account to discover the performance of your brand, influencers, or competitors' accounts over the last year.

What can you monitor on a TikTok account?

  • Monitor your own account, influencers, or competitors

  • Create instant reports to compare accounts ie. competitive analysis

  • Understand how to make your content more engaging for your audience

  • Keep track of all of your mentions, stories, and top posts

  • Gain insights about your audience

Things you should know about Profile Analytics:

  • Trackers are backfilled based on your subscription (1 month up to 1 year)

  • No monthly data is consumed

  • Authenticating will provide you with even more insights


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