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Say hello to Publishing on Keyhole!
Say hello to Publishing on Keyhole!
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We are so excited to present to you Keyhole Publishing, a way for you to schedule, publish and analyze content all within one tool.

*clears throat* Draw the curtain, please!

With Keyhole Publishing we want to save you more time and make your life even easier. Execute your social media strategy and measure the impact of your marketing efforts - all in one place.

  • Draft and schedule posts for all your social media accounts in one place.

  • Auto-publish on IG for picture, carousel, and reel posts right from your desktop.

  • Plan your social media content in advance with the Calendar view.

  • Collaborate with your team by creating and editing posts together.

  • Analyze your posts and social profiles to measure impact.

So, how do I start publishing?

Publishing is included with your plan without any additional cost, so just head over to the new Publishing tab to get started!

  1. Connect the social media accounts you'd like to publish from.

  2. Compose a post. You can compose a post for multiple platforms and customize the post for different platforms as well.

  3. Schedule the post for later or publish it now.

Here's a full demo that you can use as your guide.

Happy Publishing!

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