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Why do I receive a notification to publish?
Why do I receive a notification to publish?
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You receive a notification from Keyhole to remind you that it's time to post your scheduled content to Instagram.

Instagram's current API restrictions mean that in order to publish posts using a creator account or posting a carousel post, you need to do so directly through their app. By clicking on our notification, it allows you to review the content before publishing and saves the post content directly to your device. We save the content to ease the journey from Keyhole to publishing the post on Instagram.

What if I didn't get a notification?

Missed or dismissed the mobile notification? We got you covered, simply resend the reminder.

Head over to your post in Keyhole and click on 'Resend Reminder', it will resend the notification to your mobile-ready for you to post.

Once you have received the notification - click here to run through how to publish the post.

Happy Publishing!

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