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Why do some of my published Instagram posts have no metrics?
Why do some of my published Instagram posts have no metrics?
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Since some scheduled Instagram posts turn into Reminders, we are not able to directly track whether your Instagram Reminder was posted successfully.

While we cannot know for sure whether or not a scheduled Instagram Reminder turned into an Instagram post, we still try to get you those metrics!

After you open the Instagram Reminder on your phone and publish the post to Instagram, we perform a "check" which tries to match the content in your Instagram Reminder to a post that was published to your Instagram account. This is why you'll see a Checking for post... status beside your Reminder.

If we are unable to detect a post on your Instagram account that matches the content in the caption of your Instagram Reminder, that post will stay in the Past Reminders tab in Keyhole and have no metrics. If we are able to match the Reminder to a post, the post will then move to the Posted tab with metrics such as comments and likes!

Pro-tip: Looking to analyze the performance of your account? Create an Profile Tracker.

Happy Publishing!

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