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How do I delete my post?
How do I delete my post?
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Once a post has been made, you will have to go into the platform itself in order to delete it. We will not be able to delete the post from Keyhole Publishing. We can, however, discard a post.

What does it mean to 'discard a post'?

Scheduled posts:

Before a post goes live, you can discard the post and it will no longer be scheduled.

Note: If you discard the post, you will lose the draft and its content. We will be unable to retrieve this data.

Posted posts:

Unable to discard or delete content that has already been made. You will have to go into the platform in order to delete the post.

Past Reminders:

For all posts that were scheduled but not posted, you will be able to discard the content here. Again, any information that is discarded cannot be retrieved.

Happy Publishing!

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