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Customize your reports to showcase what matters most
Customize your reports to showcase what matters most
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We know reports can be daunting, which is why Keyhole makes it easy. But did you know you can customize your reports? That’s right, cut the fluff and only show what’s important.

✅ Save hours compiling a report

✅ Showcase your results on the first page where people can see them

✅ Remove any infographics that are not relevant to your findings

✅ Impress your boss with a report that isn’t 50 pages

✅ Only show your client the results they care about

How do I get started?

Head over to your campaign tracker dashboard and select ‘Customize’. Here you can select which infographics to show and select the order you would like them to be displayed in. Once you have made your changes go ahead and download a PDF or share the tracker directly with any party by selecting ( guessed it) ‘Share’!

Note: The end user receiving the report does not have to be a Keyhole user in order to view the details. Just toggle the permissions you would like the end user to have access to.

Want to save yourself even more time? Automate reports.

You can choose to have tracker specific reports sent to any user automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Mondays just got a whole lot easier!

Learn how to set up automatic reports here.

Happy Tracking!

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