Organize your trackers data into sub-trackers for easier analysis of individual keywords within your campaign.

When would this be beneficial?

I’m glad you asked. Sub-trackers can be used to filter down the data from your campaign trackers. You can use sub-trackers to organize the data you have collected into smaller trackers in order to see how different topics are performing within the larger campaign.

A couple examples of how you can use a sub-tracker are:

  • You are using multiple different keywords within your main search and want to understand how they are performing individually

  • You are searching a large topic such as #NYfashionweek but want to be able to see how different designers are performing within it, so your sub-trackers are #Gucci, #VeraWang, etc.

Sound good? Here’s one more. You can also use sub-trackers to filter down paid posts from organic. For example, if I added in a sub-tracker called #ad. I would then be able to go into my dashboard and filter down the content that includes my main search terms as well as one that include #ad in order to see just those posts.

Where do I add my sub-trackers?

Head over to your Tracker Settings > Sub-trackers > Add in search term you’d like to filter by > Click SAVE.

Bonus Tip: The ‘My Influencer’ sub-tracker is automatically added to any hashtag tracker upon set up. If selected it will show all posts made by any influencer added under your Influencer Management Platform that uses your search terms.

Happy Tracking!

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