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Intro to #Listening & Campaign Tracking.
Intro to #Listening & Campaign Tracking.
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Listening and campaign trackers allow you to collect and monitor all of the posts relevant to your campaigns in real-time. Track your campaigns, overall metrics, influencers content, sentiment, and pull reports for your analysis.

When will your tracker start collecting data?

Trackers collect posts in real-time. That means the moment you create a tracker, we will collect data moving forward.

How do you pause a tracker?

Once your campaign is completed you can pause your tracker to make room and start tracking your next campaign. Simply toggle your tracker from ON > OFF and your tracker will stop collecting posts and be moved to your 'Paused Trackers' list. Pausing a tracker will archive the data you have already collected so that you can access it at a later time.

How many posts are you able to collect in your tracker?

Depending on how many posts you have available within your plan, your trackers will collect up to your monthly post limit.

Individual 3,000 Posts / Month

Team 10,000 Posts / Month

Pro 25,000 Posts / Month
Advanced 50,000 Posts / Month

Enterprise 100,000 + Posts / Month

As soon as your monthly post limit has been hit, your trackers will automatically pause and stop collecting data until either; your monthly posts limit resets (same day as your billing date) or you purchase additional data.

Note: Deleting or pausing a tracker will not give you back the consumed data.

What if you need data from before your tracker was set up?

Any data from before the day you created the tracker is deemed historical. If you would like to backfill your tracker with historical Twitter data, you can request this data using the guide below.

Are you able to compare your trackers?

Of course! Create a quick and easy comparison to measure your campaigns against each other. Follow this (below) to help you set up your comparison now.

Happy Tracking!

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