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Share your account by adding your team.
Share your account by adding your team.

Settings > Manage Users

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Have multiple team members using Keyhole? Invite them to join your account today!

We understand that working on a campaign can be a team effort. That’s why with every Keyhole subscription, we provide you with the ability to grant your team access to your account without having to share your own credentials.

Have multiple people working out of one account? Add your team.

Settings > Manage Users > Add New User

What are the benefits of providing access to other users? I’m glad you asked!
Once invited, users will be able to:

  • Have their own individual login to access the same account (no more sharing passwords )

  • Set role permissions and post limits for each user so you never have to worry about exceeding your monthly post limit

  • See what your team is working on with user activity logs

  • Save $$$ by removing the need to create separate accounts for each team

Note: You can also go here to change to owner of the account at any time

Happy Tracking!

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