Trending Topics shows you what keywords or hashtags are being used alongside  your main search term. Keep track of where the conversation is going by seeing what other words or hashtags are being used around your tracker search term. This helps you make changes to your campaign in real time by understanding your audience and what they are saying. 

How it works:

  1. Start with your tracker (for example, #chocolate). Go to “Trending Topics” on the left hand bar. The dashboard will look like this:

2. The Trending Topics dashboard will show you ‘Top’ and ‘Rising’ Topics.
Top: The most popular Keywords being used across all posts within your tracker.
Rising: Keywords that are becoming more popular.

3. Pay attention to Red & Green arrows.
Green Arrow: Keyword is becoming more popular.
Red Arrow: Keywords is becoming less popular.

4. Next, click on a Topic.

Two things will happen:

  • Your timeline will update to show you the number of posts using the chosen Keyword.

  • The posts below will populate with conversations using your Keyword.

In our #chocolate tracker, we clicked on the keyword 'cookie'. 

You can also go one step further into your search and add a subtopic. We added 'dessert' in this case:

Use this tool for market research, competitor research, audience insights and more! 

Guide me through the Trending Topics feature:

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