Yes, Keyhole can track data from specified public Facebook pages. Once specified within Keyhole, any posts made by that page using #hashtags or keywords from your Listening & Campaign trackers will be pulled in.

Please note that we are unable to track data from personal Facebook accounts or across the social platform at wide. Facebook only allows third-party tools like Keyhole to track posts made by specified public pages. This affects all third-party analytics products.

What is a specified Facebook page?

By specified we mean, a public Facebook page that you have either; created a Profile Analytics tracker for or (if you're on our Enterprise plan) added into the Influencer Management section.

How do I create a Profile Analytics tracker?

It's really quick and easy! Head over to our 'Profile Analytics' section and click 'Add New Tracker'

Select Facebook > Add in the name of the public Facebook page you'd like to track from > Select page from dropdown > Click 'Create Tracker'

It's as simple as that!

Now that the tracker has been created, Keyhole will listen for any time that page makes a post using your keyword or search terms and will pull it into the associated Social Listening Trackers for you.

How do I add to Influencer Management?

If you're on our Enterprise plan, you will be able to head over to our Influencer Management section and add the specific public Facebook pages within our 'Add Manually' tab.

Click the 'Add Influencers' button > Add Manually > Type & select the public Facebook page from dropdown > Click Save

Once you've added all of the Facebook pages you'd like to track from you're all set. Keyhole will pull any post from those pages moving forwards using the search terms into your Listening & Campaign trackers.

Happy Tracking!

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