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Tracking keywords and @mentions on Instagram
Tracking keywords and @mentions on Instagram
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Can I track keywords across Instagram?

  • Due to Instagram (or should I say Meta) API limitations, third party tools like Keyhole cannot track keywords across Instagram, like we can with Twitter for example.

  • We are only able to broadly track posts (including reels) with #hashtags for public Instagram accounts.

What happens if I enter a keyword as my search term with Instagram selected?

  • If you have not specified the accounts you're tracking from:

    • We will automatically place a hashtag in front of the keyword — so instead of tracking posts that mention "apple", we will pull posts from Instagram that mention #apple in the caption.

    • Other platforms, like Twitter, will pull posts that mention "apple" in the post.

  • If you have specified the Instagram accounts within Keyhole:

    • We will track keyword mentions of "apple" from the Instagram account(s) that you specify.

      • For example, if you're working with influencers and know ahead of time which influencers are expected to post using a keyword and/or hashtag, add those accounts in either your Social Listening, Profile Analytics or Account Watchlist section (examples below) and we'll pull in posts from those accounts who have mentioned the keyword you are tracking.

        Social Listening Section:
        Tracker Settings > Filters > Get posts from these accounts

        Profile Analytics Section:
        Add New Profile > Analyze Profile for the account you'd like to specify.

        Account Watchlist Section:
        Add Accounts > Send authentication link

    • For the accounts that haven't been specified, we will only be able to pull in posts if the caption includes #apple.

Tracking @mentions on Instagram

How do I track mentions of my brand on IG with Keyhole?

  • Instagram requires third-party tools to get additional permissions from the Instagram account owner to track @mentions of the account.

  • To see all @mentions of your account, go to Profile Analytics (example below) and authenticate the account you'd like to track @mentions for.

Happy Tracking!

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