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Follower Growth: What You Need to Know
Follower Growth: What You Need to Know

Understanding Key Points in Follower Growth Data

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What is follower growth rate?

Follower growth rate, expressed as a percentage growth, measures the speed at which your social media account is gaining (or losing) followers relative to your previous follower count.

For example, your monthly Instagram follower growth rate would be the percentage growth your follower count has seen since last month. A higher growth rate means your marketing team is on the right track, launching intuitive and engaging campaigns. At the same time, a dip might need some optimization tweaks.

How does Keyhole track follower growth data?

In contrast to other metrics available in Profile Analytics that can backfill up to a year's worth of posts, Follower Growth solely collects data in real-time due to API limitations of all social media platforms. This means that users are only able to analyze follower growth from the point at which the trackers are created.

How long does Keyhole store Follower Growth data?

Unlike Facebook and Instagram where they retain follower growth data for only 90 days, Keyhole retains the same data as long as the account remains active. This feature allows brands to gain more extensive insights into their followers' growth patterns over an extended period of time.

How does Keyhole calculate follower growth rate?

Below is the formula that we use to calculate the follower growth rate:

Follower Growth Rate is available for authenticated and unauthenticated profiles, and can be seen in the Dashboard Metrics.

Why is it important to track follower growth?

The follower growth rate serves as a better health check on the performance of your campaigns. Tracking this rate can help you monitor your performance against your competitors. For example, you could have fewer followers due to having a newer account, but you could be gaining traction much faster than they are.

Happy tracking!

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