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What is Tag Performance?
What is Tag Performance?

A faster way to discover your top-performing posts!

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Have you ever wondered if your sponsored content actually performs better than your organic content? Tag Performance is a fast and easy way to find out!

It’s easy to tag your posts - we will even auto-tag for you! Let’s start

Where to find Tag Performance?

Under ‘Profile Analytics’ select the account that you wish to analyze. Over on the left hand side dashboard select ‘Tag Performance’.

You will notice that we have already created some popular tags for you. To see what each tag’s criteria are you can click on the 3 dots on the right-hand side > Click edit.

Want to analyze the performance of your “Giveaway” posts?

You can see the criteria that have been put into the “Giveaway” tag. When any of the below hashtags, keywords, or phrases are used in a post, it will trigger the post to be tagged as “Giveaway”. You can add or remove any other hashtags, keywords, phrases, emojis, and @ mentions to this criteria as you wish. When you’re happy, click Save.

Want to analyze the performance of a specific campaign?

If you have your own specific keywords that are being used in your sponsored content or campaigns, then create your own tag! Click on the ‘Create New Tag’ button at the top of the page > Select if you would like us to automatically tag your posts for you, or if you would like to do it yourself.

How to add an Auto-Tag?

After selecting the Auto-tag option > begin adding in your specific keywords, hashtags, phrases, emojis, or @ mentions to create your customized tag. When you’re finished, click ‘next’ and then give your tag a name > Click ‘Create and Tag Post’. Then you’re done! Allow some time for us to re-analyze and tag your posts.

How to add a Manual Tag?

After selecting the Manual tag option > give your tag a name and colour > click Create Tag > Head over to your posts page and manually tag the posts that are relevant to this custom tag.

How to tag your posts?

Once you’ve created some tags you can start associating the tags to their respective posts. It’s quick and easy! Head over to the posts page > click on ‘tag this post’ and add the tag that relates to that post or create a new tag.

How to compare your tags performance?

Now your posts are all tagged, let’s compare and see which ones are performing the best!

Happy Tagging!

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