You can search these terms: 

  • #hashtags 
  • Keywords 
  • URLs 
  • @Accounts mentioned in posts 

To search a combination of terms use the following options: 

EXACT order of terms: 

Place terms in quotation marks to search an exact combination and order of words. 

E.g. “Coca Cola” 

This term AND this term: 

Adding a space between words in the same field creates the AND function. 

E.g. [Coca Cola] finds all posts that contain “Coca” and “Cola”, regardless of order 

You can also click “Add Criteria” and select “And Include” for the AND function. 

This term OR this term: 

Enter terms in seperate input boxes. 

Find posts that contain [this term] or [this term]

You can use these combinations with each other as well. 

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