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Research a topic with no limits
Research a topic with no limits

Last minute meeting? We’ve got you covered on the data side.

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Need to quickly understand how your brand is performing against a competitor? Forgot to start a tracker and you need some quick data before a meeting? Meet QuickTrends, your new BFF.

QuickTrends allows you to get a high-level overview of a topic from across social and the web in seconds.

NEW: Share the results of your QuickTrends search to anyone. Simply click the share button and copy the link. Watch the video below to learn more.

What are the benefits of QuickTrends?

  • Unlimited searches

  • No data consumed

  • View data from 12 months ago

  • Ability to filter by location

  • Compare up to 5 different topics

When would you use QuickTrends? Here are a few examples we’ve seen.

  • Pitches for a client

  • Competitor analysis

  • Market research

  • Searching large topics

Great news! Quick Trends is available on all our paid plans.

Happy Tracking!

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