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How to Deal with the Instagram API Changes
How to Deal with the Instagram API Changes
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Instagram's API changed as of December 11th, 2018 making it more limiting but there are still a few options to see more metrics from your influencers within a hashtag tracker. 

1. You can have them authenticate their accounts by going to "Manage Influencers

2. You can specify their accounts within the hashtag tracker so that you are only collecting metrics from your specified accounts and not the entire platform. This way you can see the direct impact your influencers are having on your campaign. 

3. You can set up account trackers for your influencers and we will automatically pull into the information into the hashtag tracker. 

The reason we need to take this extra step is because Instagram is taking a huge step to protect their users information so it is not sharing it through their API anymore. That's why we require that extra step of authentication or specification, so that we are allowed access to collect it. 

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