The Brand IQ product is built specifically to monitor brands online. It collects brand mentions of your brand name, and tracks the brand’s social media accounts to see how they perform over time.

This product is designed to help users grow their online brand presence by managing and responding to brand mentions, implementing customized recommendations that help grow social media account engagement, and by measuring their efforts over time.

The Advanced Analytics Suite is built as a flexible product that caters to campaign tracking, event monitoring, influencer management, and market research as well as advanced brand monitoring.

The suite is a much more granular product, designed for advanced filtering, in-depth sentiment analysis and machine-learning-driven trends analysis.

For example, while the brand monitoring (Brand IQ) product allows you to search up to three keywords per brand, the suite’s advanced boolean capabilities allow you to monitor up to 25 keywords per topic and build customized boolean logic (e.g. (“this set of words” AND “this term”) OR (“this other set of words” AND “this term”).

Also, rather than tying social media accounts to a specific brand, you can track accounts independently and tag them to create groups.  

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