If you would like to see a specific term as an individual analysis within your tracker then creating a sub-tracker will be your next best step. Sub-trackers allow you to filter your current trackers data for more granular analysis. Sub-trackers do not collect additional posts, they only filter the posts that have already been collected. Sub-trackers are helpful if your main search terms are general and you would like to get more accurate data without limiting the overall search. 

For example, if my main search term is #icecream I will collect all posts that contain #icecream but if I then want to filter by flavour to see which is the most popular, I can create sub-trackers for that. This will now allow me the option to filter by sub-tracker or see the overall results of the tracker on the dashboard.

How to Create a Sub-Tracker:

In order to create a sub-tracker, go to Edit Tracker > Sub-tracker > Enter the terms that you would like to see as an individual analysis > Save.

You can choose to apply the changes to future data or the previous data. Note that if you choose to apply to previous data your tracker will begin to reprocess in order to sort through your data so this could take some time depending on the volume of your tracker. 

Once the changes have been applied to the tracker, you will be able to see the individual analysis for the specific term when you go to the your Dashboard and select the Sub-tracker Drop down:

In this case, the tracker will filter everything (Main search term: #icecream) to only see and analyze posts that contain 'vanilla'. 

To see all your posts, you can simply select "All Subtrackers" to view the main search results. 

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