A lot of people use Keyhole to track influencers and influencer campaigns.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use your Keyhole campaign trackers to track influencers participating in that campaign. 

1. On your ‘My Trackers page’, go to ‘Create New Tracker’ and click ‘Advanced’. 

2. Create your tracker as your normally would, by specifying the search terms you would like the campaign to include under ‘Search Settings’. 

3. To set  the tracker to only collect posts from certain accounts (influencers) go to Filters > Account Filters > Get posts from these accounts

4. Here you have the option to input specific accounts into the fields, or select all of your authenticated influencers by checking off the box below. 

Result: Only posts by specified influencers are captured in this Keyhole tracker. If you add influencers after your tracker has been set up, all future posts will be from those influencers but will not affect already collected data, unless you are on an Enterprise plan and choose to re-analyze past data.

If you set up the influencers before setting up the tracker, it will affect all posts collected within the tracker.

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